Monday, April 30, 2007

good grief

So I sit here, trying to figure out what I should write, and I figure I'll just write what I'm thinking about. What's the point of this blog anyway? Next to no one reads it. I'm absolutely sure I'm not portraying who I really am - you get little snippets of things I think in the odd moments of my life, not my mainstream thinking. I almost feel like I'm back in high school, trying to be "darker" or "deeper" than the next person so that I seem more interesting. Kids that age try so hard to be interesting. I remember thinking back then that adults were boring - but being one now, it's more like I am interesting, but I hide those parts so I seem boring.

Good grief; I make no sense at all.

How come people don't use semicolons in their writing? I think it's because people don't know how. Sad. I like the semicolon, and I forgetting how to use it. Guess I'll go read up on it and refresh my English grammar. (That's what they call "free association" in writing - I think. I'm not a "writer".) Anyway, most of the time I think about work, money, sex, philosophy, family, God, and people. I can even get "deep" on some of those subjects. I think I wanted this blog to be about what goes on in my head in the cracks between those main topics, but I'm not really sure there's much of anything in those cracks.

Also, I hate debating stances on issues with most people, because most people don't know how to listen. When I'm in a discussion on almost any topic, I listen. I really try to hear what they are saying, how they are feeling, and what they really think. I ask questions to probe their thinking so I have a real solid understanding of where they're at. (-5 for ending sentence with preposition!*) So, that's one reason I don't write about my thoughts on religion, politics, etc. I try to appeal to a broader audience in other ways - like soliciting for casting couch teens naked pictures. Ugh.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'm not happy with this at all. Maybe it'll get better.

Added a link, for starters

Added a new link... KB. So that I'll remember to go visit over there... so far I like it.

Still nothing interesting going on in my head.

Every morning, I get up about 6:30, shower, and get my 5 yr. old up about 7. Then I feed him, get his clothes out. Dry my hair, get my clothes on. Get him bundled up and leave for school about 7:36. Then I drive to work. Get here about 8:30. Meeting at 9am every day..So this morning, my wife was up - she was up all night. So, this morning, as I leave, she tells me that she wants me to come back after dropping the kiddo off and "do" her, and to help feed the baby.

Sheesh! Now, I love sex... and sex with her is a-maze-ing... but I have to get to work for the 9am meeting, which I miss half the time because of domestic issues I can't avoid. So this morning, I said I really couldn't come back for either one, sorry, and I rushed out the door to get the older one to school on time.

I called her later, while driving to work, but she was mad.
"I love you."
"You sure don't show it."
"Hey, I've missed a lot of these meetings, and I need to be there."
"Not my problem."

Wow, thanks honey! No, really! By making it my problem, she made it my solution... so my decision to not go home and help her with the female ejaculation and an orgasm is not her problem! It's my problem, and I solved it. Case closed.

Now I just need to do something special for her very soon... uh oh! Valentines day is coming and I've made no plans yet!!! Think, think, think.... suggestions anyone?